“State-of-the-art content delivered in a organized-but-friendly style with high-quality materials that focus on learning and integrating relevant material so that it can be used in the real world: SOA School provides the perfect educational offering for IT professionals who want to advance their understanding of SOA quickly, efficiently, and effectively. I am recommending that all senior analysts, architects, and developers take the course modules relevant to their discipline. If you or your organization is interested in getting serious about SOA, SOA School is one of the best investments you can make.”

- Charlie Mead, Certified SOA Consultant and Chair of the Health Level 7 (HL7) Architecture Board

“In all my years in IT, I have never experienced such valuable training and was able to apply what I learned immediately!”

- Melanie A. Allison, Certified SOA Consultant and CTO of CalRHIO

“As part of the SOA Competence Team in the Deutsche Bahn, we are developing a vendor-neutral SOA strategy and this certification is the best… Never before in my life I've had learned so much in just five days.”

- Damian Kleer, Certified SOA Architect and SOA Competence Team Leader at Deutsche Bahn

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“This is by far the best and the most outstanding training program that I have ever undergone in my 19 years in the IT industry. The SOA School Certification Workshop we received in at our Wipro Bangalore office was given a score of 97 out of 100 by participations during its final evaluation; one of the highest scores we have ever given to a third-party training vendor. The Certified SOA Trainer provided by SOA School brought with him a breadth and depth of knowledge of SOA, and backed it up with practical SOA project experiences and examples. We therefore had a healthy blend of theory and practice. As an SOA trainer myself at Wipro, I have been doing SOA programs for the last couple of years, and I must say that this program brought in greater clarity and understanding of the subject that I will certainly carry into my future SOA training projects here in Wipro. All in all, a thoroughly satisfying, enjoyable and knowledgeable training program.”

- Srinivasa Narayanan, Certified SOA Professional and Lead Architect at Wipro Ltd.

“The SOA Certified Architect workshop was extremely effective knowledge transfer. The workshops as a whole meet very high quality standards when it comes to the available teachers.

I've applied this knowledge for the last four years, educating developers and architects on the subject, applying it in an in-house developed master class and off-course applying it in day-to-day architectural work and designs. For my company the vendor-neutral approach has a lot of advantages since we've integrated a lot of different technology-stacks from a lot of vendors over the last sixty years. The principles-centric approach also provides a lot of advantages. We've got quite a big IT department and it helps if collaboration is based on broadly accepted principles and practices.

So in a nutshell: the end result of the certification program made us project ready for implementing SOA and in my experience from the last several years that I spent on this subject, the SOA Certified Professional program delivers on everything it promises. The combination of structure, modules, teachers, and de facto text books makes this a quality architected curriculum.”

- Brian Lokhorst MSc, BSc, Certified SOA Architect and Solution Architect for the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (DTCA)

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