"What are the qualifications required to achieve the SOA Certified Professional credential and what is the purpose of this credential?"

You must pass Exam S90.01A plus one additional exam. The purpose of this certification is to acknowledge that you have become proficient in SOA fundamentals plus one specialized area. This certification is often used as a temporary credential until a more comprehensive certification is achieved.

"After I am certified, am I allowed to put "SOACP" after my name?"

Yes, you are. Please see the Guidelines page for details.

"I have obtained multiple SOACP certifications. Can I place multiple logos on my business card?"

Yes, you can, but there are other options that you can also consider. Please see the Guidelines page for details.

"Are self-study kits all I require to prepare for exams?"

Most self-study kits include reading exercises and references to specific text books. For a list of these text books, visit the Courses and Books page. Text books are not provided as part of self-study kits because multiple kits (and multiple exams and courses) often use the same text book(s).

"I have completed Exam S90.01A with honors, plus one additional exam with honors. Why does my SOA Certified Professional certificate and online certification status not display the honors designation?"

The honors designation applies to all SOACP certifications, except for the SOA Certified Professional certification.

"Arcitura Education offers separate cloud computing courses and accreditation as part of the CloudSchool.com Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) program. Does this mean that cloud computing topics are not covered in SOACP courses?"

No, cloud computing topics are covered throughout several SOACP courses, as they relate to given SOA topics.

Pearson VUE Exams

A self-study kit is available for each Pearson VUE exam, visit: www.pearsonvue.com/arcitura/

Self-Study Kits

A self-study kit is available for each Pearson VUE exam, allowing you to study remotely and at your own pace. For information about the latest available Self-Study Kits, visit the Self-Study page.

Instructor-Led Workshops

The following public workshops are currently scheduled. Additional workshops are often added on short notice. For information regarding private instructor-led workshops delivered to your location, contact: info@arcitura.com