Advanced SOA Quality Assurance


Module 22
Advanced SOA Quality Assurance

Advanced topics address specialized testing practices for cloud-based services, complex service compositions, performance, load and stress testing, as well as the creation of comprehensive test plans for shared services and service compositions.

The following primary topics are covered:

  • Automated Testing Approaches for Shared Services
  • Testing a Service for Re-Composability
  • Infrastructure Considerations and Testing Approaches for Services Reused by Multiple Compositions
  • Performing Quality Assurance Audits for Service Compositions
  • Common Quality Assurance and Testing Metrics for Service Compositions
  • Performance, Load, Stress Testing for Cloud-based Services
  • Security Testing for On-Premise and Cloud-based Services
  • Complex Testing for Service Compositions that Span On-Premise and Cloud-based Environments
  • Complex Test Plans for Service Compositions

Exercises are provided in both written and electronic format.

Duration: 1 Day

Text Book(s)

This SOACP course module covers a range of in-depth topics that are described in the course booklet(s) and further elaborated by detailed technical coverage and case study examples in the accompanying SOA Governance: Governing Shared Services On-Premise & In the Cloud text books from the acclaimed Prentice Hall Service Technology Series from Thomas Erl.

When attending this course as part of an instructor-led workshop, the required text book(s) are automatically provided together with the course booklet. When working with self-study kits, the required text books need to be purchased separately.

Self-Study Kit

The materials for this course module can be purchased separately as part of the Module 22 Self-Study Kit, which includes additional materials and study aids. These materials are designed to prepare you for Exam S90.22 but they are also suitable for general remote, self-paced study purposes.


This course corresponds to Exam S90.22, which is required for the following certifications:

Vendor-Neutral Topic Overview

Note that all SOACP course modules are focused on vendor-neutral SOA topics and therefore do not provide detailed coverage of any vendor-specific platforms or technologies. SOACP courses are intentionally authored this way so as to provide an unambiguous and objective understanding of SOA practices and technology that can be further complemented with product-specific training.

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