The following course modules are available via private on-site and public instructor-led workshops. The course materials further supplemented with study guides and audio study aids are also available via self-study kits.

Module 1: Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing

Module 1
Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing

An overview of key concepts and terminology associated with SOA, service-oriented computing and service-orientation, including a study of strategic benefits and impacts and an overview of modern SOA technologies and innovations.

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Module 2: SOA Technology Concepts

Module 2
SOA Technology Concepts

A study of the primary technologies used to build service-oriented solutions, with an emphasis on XML and modern Web-based service technologies.

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Module 3: SOA Design & Architecture

Module 3
SOA Design & Architecture

An exploration of the service-oriented architectural model and the service-orientation design paradigm, including in-depth coverage of service compositions and runtime service roles.

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Module 4: SOA Project Delivery & Methodology

Module 4
SOA Project Delivery & Methodology

An overview of the SOA project delivery lifecycle, project delivery strategies, and project roles and responsibilities, plus a detailed introduction to the service-oriented analysis and service modeling processes.

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Module 5: SOA Technology Lab

Module 5
SOA Technology Lab

A hands-on lab during which students apply and work with industry SOA technologies through a series of tutorials and exercises.

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Module 6: Advanced SOA Analysis & Modeling

Module 6
Advanced SOA Analysis & Modeling

A session dedicated to advanced service-oriented analysis topics, including various service modeling techniques.

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Module 7: SOA Analysis & Modeling Lab

Module 7
SOA Analysis & Modeling Lab

A hands-on lab during which participants apply service modeling-related concepts, processes, techniques, patterns, and principles to a set of complex analysis and modeling exercises.

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Module 8: Advanced SOA Design & Architecture

Module 8
Advanced SOA Design & Architecture

A comprehensive study of SOA in practice focused on advanced topics associated with the application of patterns, practices, techniques and service-orientation design principles, plus an exploration of SOA types.

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Module 9: SOA Design & Architecture Lab

Module 9
SOA Design & Architecture Lab

A hands-on lab during which participants apply the patterns, models, concepts, techniques, and principles covered in previous courses in order to complete a series of architectural and service design exercises.

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Module 10: Advanced Web-Based Service Technology

Module 10
Advanced Web-Based Service Technology

A range of specialized topics pertaining to REST service design and technology, WS-Policy definitions and attachments, and cloud computing utilization models for cloud-based services.

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Module 11: Service Development with Java

Module 11
Service Development with Java

Topics focused on the application of patterns and service-orientation principles to distributed Java technologies and standards for the development of services, with an emphasis on Web service and REST service technologies.

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Module 12: Service Development Lab with Java

Module 12
Service Development Lab with Java

A hands-on lab during which technologies pertaining to industry Web standards and Java-based technologies are put into practice for the development of shared services and service-oriented solutions.

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Module 13: Service Development with .NET & Windows Azure

Module 13
Service Development with .NET & Windows Azure

A series of topics that cover the application of service-orientation to Microsoft technologies, including WCF, WF, Windows Azure, Windows Server AppFabric, and BizTalk Server, with an emphasis on Web service and REST service implementations.

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Module 14: Service Development Lab with .NET & Windows Azure

Module 14
Service Development Lab with .NET & Windows Azure

A lab-style course providing a number of hands-on exercises that focus on the real world development of on-premise and cloud-based services using service-orientation with Microsoft technologies.

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Module 15: Fundamental SOA Governance

Module 15
Fundamental SOA Governance

A course that introduces fundamental SOA governance models, frameworks, concepts, and processes and further defines precepts and roles.

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Module 16: Advanced SOA Governance

Module 16
Advanced SOA Governance

Advanced topics covered include metrics, maturity assessments, SLA calculations, security governance, and measuring SOA governance vitality.

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Module 17: SOA Governance Lab

Module 17
SOA Governance Lab

A hands-on lab during which participants are required to establish SOA governance models, frameworks, and entire programs in order to solve a series of problems.

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Module 18: Fundamental SOA Security

Module 18
Fundamental SOA Security

Essential techniques, patterns, and industry technologies that pertain to establishing security controls and security architectures for service-oriented solutions.

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Module 19: Advanced SOA Security

Module 19
Advanced SOA Security

Technical and complex topics pertaining to security for contemporary service-oriented solutions, infrastructure, middleware, and cloud-based service technology.

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Module 20: SOA Security Lab

Module 20
SOA Security Lab

A hands-on lab during which participants apply security patterns, practices, and technologies to counter threats and solve a set of complex security problems.

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Module 21: Fundamental SOA Quality Assurance

Module 21
Fundamental SOA Quality Assurance

An overview of software quality management, assurance, and testing topics, as they pertain to the quality assurance of service-oriented architectures, shared services, and service-oriented solutions.

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Module 22: Advanced SOA Quality Assurance

Module 22
Advanced SOA Quality Assurance

Advanced topics address specialized testing practices for cloud-based services, complex service compositions, performance, load, and stress testing, as well as the creation of comprehensive test plans for shared services and service compositions.

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Module 23: SOA Quality Assurance Lab

Module 23
SOA Quality Assurance Lab

A hands-on lab during which a series of testing and quality assurance requirements are presented in the form of exercises for which SOA quality assurance practices and test plans need to be created.

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